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Mobile application Design :

We Netcurve Technologies have expert designers to design a beautiful design for your mobile application.

User Interface and User experience are often confused to be one and same. They are obviously not, but there is a dependence relation between them. Our designers understand this intricate relation and know how to achieve the perfect UX. Call it a passion for perfection, when we design an app, we are totally into it. The unmatched skills and extensive experience back our developers in their endeavors and the outcome is nothing short of sheer brilliance.

A user can be turned on or disappointed only by the UI of your app. We ensure that the user interface of your mobile app does not become the reason of your users’ dismay. Our app designers are crazy about pixels and push them to areas totally unexplored, creating breathtaking design in the bargain.

At Netcurve Technologies, we put design ahead of development. There are several mobile app firms that boast of appealing design and great development, but a few can actually deliver. AppsChopper has always been the first choice of many well-established and emerging brands for its impeccably designed mobile apps for a plethora of platforms.

A breathtaking UI culminates into a smooth and refreshing user experience. With a clutter of apps in the app stores, it is the UX provided by your app that really matters. A user will continue to use a mobile app only when he or she is able to derive maximum pleasure and utility from the app.

Mobile Application Development :

iOS App Development :

Netcurve Technologies is a leading offshore iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad ) App Development company, backed by brilliant developers, who have collaborated innovative ideas in workflow of iOS app development.

The advent of iOS applications has redefined the concept of mobile app development paradigm all around the world. And, Netcurve has proved its strength in providing the world-class and innovative iPhone application development services worldwide. Being home to brilliant minds, we have catered extensive variety of iOS apps for different devices like iPad, iPod and iPhone. With the help of flexible workflow and excellent knowledge base, we provide comprehensive mobile applications that can automate every kind of job related to business and personnel lifestyle.

Our employs a team of proficient iOS app developers and designers, who use proven methods and technical expertise in delivering the out-of-the-box iOS mobile apps. Our team members are aware of various iOS technologies including iPhone SDK, Objective C, Webkit programming, Xcode IDE, Swift Programming and others. Our programmers have the capability to understand right requirement of the client and deliver the envisioned apps ergonomically.

Our developers asses every prospect of application in order to plan effective strategy that leads them to code and deliver the business-centric applications that can fulfill the demand of todays’ customers seamlessly.

Android App Development :

We Netcurve Technologies, a well-known offshore Android Application Development company, caters scalable and interactive android applications all around the world with 100% efficient services.

In a short period of inception, Google Android has become the most imperative and used OS all around the world. At present, this platform is holding more than 60% of the market share. It has pushed the demand of Android application from different scenarios.

We use state-of-the-art technology and proven strategy to program as well as deliver the highly-interactive and feature-rich application that can stand up to expectation of our esteemed clients. All our developers are well-versed with different Android development frameworks and technologies such as Android SDK, Java, Native development tools, XML, and other platforms.

Our team comprises developers, designers, and application development managing specialists. They all work with full coordination and ensure that the valued clients will have the Android app featuring every trendy aspect that can provide the pleasing experience with incomparable performance.

2D/3D Mobile Game Development :

Netcurve Technologies is one of the contributors in booming 2D/3D mobile game development businesses in India .

We, at Netcurve, we have managed to be known as a prominent offshore mobile game development company from India. To create the best games, we are bestowed with the recent technologies and tools that are essential to generate 2D & 3D games. Mobile gaming has reached to a new avenue where there is a game for everyone with some fun packed exclusivity.

With the right programming for the right platform, our developers have unlocked some of the most innovative techniques to accomplish success with every game development project. Games for mobiles need to be designed well to suit the specifications as well as the layout of the screen and thus, we always adopt proven strategy to design games for mobiles.

With a seamless approach towards the game designing, developers are able to design multiplayer, single-player and multi-level games. These games genuinely reflect the right combination of imagination, creativity and right technology to develop quality mobile games.