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We are committed to meeting our customer’s expectations by supplying products and services that are reliable, meet functional requirements and are delivered on time. We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of this quality system through measurement, analysis and action. To ensure we meet this commitment we use a quality management system that consists of effective and efficient business processes.It is the responsibility of all our staff to work together to ensure we meet this commitment to quality. We communicate our quality objectives and performance against these objectives throughout the company and to interested parties.

The aim of our quality policy is to ensure that:

  • Customer focus
    • Understanding current and future customer needs
    • Meeting the customer’s requirements
    • Striving to exceed the customer’s expectations
  • Leadership
    • Creating an environment where everyone can contribute to quality
  • Engagement with people
    • Making everyone aware of the need to contribute to quality
    • Ensuring full engagement in activities that impact quality
  • Process approach
    • Developing a commitment to describing all work in terms of processes
  • System approach
    • Managing the business as a set of interacting processes
  • Continual improvement
    • Encouraging constant refinement of processes to improve quality
  • Fact based management
    • Making decisions based on analysis of process data
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships
    • Developing close co-operative relationships with suppliers.